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Idle Since the topic of idling motor vehicles has generated more comments than just about anything on this site, I thought I’d return to the issue. With a slight twist. Recently I’ve noticed vehicles left idling in a most unusual place: the recycling center.

It seems to me that anyone environmentally conscious enough to sort recyclable materials and haul them down to Gwinnett Street would know better than to leave their cars and trucks running for five or ten minutes while they unload and empty their bins. I can’t understand how someone, who makes the effort to recycle, escaped the message in this EPA recommendation, which speaks to the wasted fuel and increased pollution that are the hallmarks of idling vehicles:

You will save gas by turning the engine off and restarting it again if you expect to idle for more than 30 seconds. You will also prevent pollution by avoiding long idles. Try parking your car and going into restaurants, banks, and the like instead of idling in drive-up lanes.

The recent Vox Populi caller who threatened to throw garbage in the river instead of participating in curbside recycling — that’s a person who I’d expect to leave a car idling while grocery shopping, renting movies or participating in a real estate closing. But what accounts for this kind of behavior among people who otherwise have the right idea?

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