Savannah Morning News columnist wonders about walking

A helpful reader pointed out Jane Fishman’s Dec. 11 Savannah Morning News column, “Walking in Savannah proves to be a not-so-easy task.” Having participated in an event that brings thousands of people to city streets, she wonders why they don’t make walking part of their daily lives.

“Don’t they like to get somewhere during their walk or run? How many times can a person walk or run around the park without wanting to use that time and energy to arrive somewhere?”

She quickly and astutely zeroes in on the problem, which is one pedestrians and cyclists share: Many local streets, having been designed (or redesigned) exclusively for cars, are not enjoyable places to walk.

“Of course, who can blame them? Have you tried to walk on Eisenhower Drive? How about Waters Avenue? Not even the reliable Abercorn Street, which traverses Ardsley Park, has a sidewalk that will accommodate your walking.”

These thoroughfares are dangerous by design. It’s unfortunate that using these streets requires pedestrians to be “adventurous and bold,” but the fact is that many citizens have no choice but to walk on streets that are unwelcoming at best and deadly at worst.

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