New blog to focus on local transit issues

Savannah Transit is a recently launched blog that promises to focus on “alternative methods of transportation to the old American favorite: the automobile.” The “Why?” portion of the first post on the blog hits just about every benefit to be derived from enhanced transit options: congestion mitigation, poverty reduction, crime prevention, public health and — of course — the environmental angle. Here’s a snip:

Because offering options, as well as growing, supporting and maintaining those options, benefits our city, the people that live in it, and those that visit us. Because most alternatives are greener and can help make our city a better place to live in or visit.

Shannon, the blog’s creator, is asking for suggestions and ideas.

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Transportation, land use, local farming and green building are all potential topics for Sustainable Savannah. The goal is to aggregate content about local events and projects, so there will be a central place to review everything that’s happening. The site is aimed at encouraging collaboration and information sharing between groups and individuals currently engaged in sustainability efforts. The site can also provide a snapshot of Savannah for green-minded people who are considering visiting or moving to the area.

One thought on “New blog to focus on local transit issues

  1. William

    That is a nice blog! (can’t post there becuase I’m not a registered blogger) How about proposing a pedestrian corridor that is closed to vehicles, maybe following Lincoln, Reynolds, or half of Price extending from Ardsley to downtown. Not that realistic I know, but imagine the utility and increased safety! The city doesn’t need THAT many north-south connections.

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