Hundreds of cyclists will take to Savannah streets April 17 for Earth Day Wheelie ride


The streets are filled with happy bicyclists, unconcerned about the threat of aggressive or districted drivers. Handlebar bells ring cheerfully as hundreds of people move through a city, unique in its beauty because it was designed long before the needs of cars came to dominate the built environment. People of all ages are present, enjoying the freedom and fun of traveling under their own power and at their own pace.

Earth-Day-WebA utopian fantasy? Not on Saturday, April 17 at 4 p.m.

It’s difficult to describe how special the Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s Earth Day Wheelie bicycle ride has become. Not only is it the first event organized by the group after its founding in 2008, the Earth Day Wheelie truly has become a part of the local culture for the reasons described above.

If only for a one afternoon, it provides a glimpse of what our community could be like if more people felt more comfortable getting on their bikes and riding for recreation. And as studies have shown, recreational cycling is a gateway drug to transportational cycling and a mindset that looks for opportunities to ditch the car and go by bike. Sometimes this shift in thinking starts with just one bike ride, in the company of a couple hundred other people pedaling along for moral support.

The ride will depart from the south end of Forsyth Park. There is no charge to participate. Helmets are strongly encouraged.

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