Dawers targets exit ramp removal myth

If you read the comments on Savannah Morning News stories about the proposed removal of the I-16 flyover, you’ll get a strong dose of windshield perspective. It’s clear that many critics of the plan use one main criteria for evaluating its feasibility. Those who believe removal of the exit ramp will cause traffic congestion and extend their commutes by extra seconds (annoying) or even minutes (intolerable) downplay the advantages of removal or deny there are any advantages at all.

Bill Dawers does a fine job on his blog of addressing this oft-repeated objection to removing the flyover:

“The single weakest argument against the removal is also the one that I hear the most, at least among those objections dealing with traffic. As I noted in the column, I’m constantly hearing people say that MLK can’t handle the additional incoming traffic, but every single car leaving the city via I-16 has to travel on or across MLK already.”

Read more here.

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