Coastal Georgia Greenway: Watch the video, then catch the meeting on Oct. 23

“Imagine traveling on foot, bicycle or horseback through coastal Georgia, winding through arches of live oak trees on your way to tour one of many historical or recreational sites.”

It does take a little imagination to wrap one’s head around the concept of the Coastal Georgia Greenway, an alternative transportation network that aims to connect South Carolina and Florida through coastal Georgia to promote development of biking, hiking, equestrian and water trails. A promotional video, now available on the Coastal Georgia Greenway Web site, makes the greenway concept a little easier to grasp.

Chatham County residents, who are inspired by the video, have a great chance to get involved tomorrow. A Coastal Georgia Greenway meeting will be held from 10 a.m. until noon at the Senior Center, 3025 Bull St., in Savannah.

While the greenway can certainly be described as a recreational amenity, it furthers a number of sustainability goals. First, it makes Coastal Georgia more attractive to the kind of tourists who will roll into Savannah aboard Treks and Cannondales instead of Hummers and Suburbans. And while its primary purpose is recreational, the greenway holds great potential for bicycle commuters and other transportational cyclists. Finally, the greenway’s emphasis on providing acceess to natural resources is compatible with conservation efforts.

The agenda for the Oct. 23 meeting includes discussion of the S & O Canal Corridor, Back River Bridge, and Coastal Heritage Society Trail.


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