Tybee Island City Council Strikes Again

At a time when we are witnessing what happens when greed and short-sightedness mix with lack of regulation and oversight, the Tybee Island City Council voted (again, last night) 4-2 to repeal the city’s shoreline protection ordinance.  Since its passage in 1999, the city’s ordinance has provided a level of protection (from the negative impacts of ever encroaching real estate development) above and beyond what the state requires.  The repeal not only strips away this additional layer of protection, but also hands jurisdiction back to the state.



The four council members above voted for the repeal.
I have four questions for them . . .

1) Why would you vote against additional protection for the city’s most valuable economic and environmental resource?
2) Why would you cede local control to a state agency (GA DNR)? -especially one well-known to be underfunded and understaffed!
3) Isn’t this vote at odds with the $11 million beach renourishment program getting underway this week?
4) What do ya’ll have against North Beach anyway?* -there’s barely a beach left there to protect!

*Tybee’s city charter still protects the dunes and  seawall that run  from the curve on Campbell to South Beach (but don’t hold your breath, this council is on a roll).

Read more about it here, here and here

And remember, you don’t have to be a Tybee voter to write these folks and urge them to change their minds . . .
Wanda Doyle tybeewanda@bellsouth.net
Barry Brown babhbinc@bellsouth.net
Eddie Crone mecrone@bellsouth.net
Charlie R. Brewer charlierbrewer@bellsouth.net

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One thought on “Tybee Island City Council Strikes Again

  1. John McMasters

    Reasonable public policy dies again at the hands of special interest elected officials.


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