Planning for people, not cars

A typical Friday in Savannah's Forsyth Park

I was finally able to catch Fred Kent’s much-talked-about Savannah lecture in reruns, so to speak. An edited version of his Feb. 6 appearance at the Coastal Georgia Center aired on Government Channel 8 last Thursday night. I was struck by this comment from Kent:

“If you plan for more cars and traffic,” he said, “you get more cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get more people and places.”

Those unfamiliar with the daily rhythms of Savannah’s Forsyth Park might presume the photo above was taken during a festival of some kind or at least on a Saturday afternoon. But they’d be wrong. The scene above was captured last Friday at around 2 p.m. I think it’s as good an example as any of Kent’s maxim. This is a place designed for people. We need more like it.

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One thought on “Planning for people, not cars

  1. The Creative Coast Alliance

    John – Glad you got to check out Kent’s lecture. It really was an enlightening one. Savannah’s always commended for it’s planning. Would love to see the community and local decision makers again place a premium on a well-planned, user friendly city.

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