Social networking goes green (and local)

gss_logo.gifHaving attended most of the recent GreenDrinks Savannah events, I can testify that they are useful in making connections, which can lead to beneficial collaborations. More evidence of tangible results produced by GDS can be found in a new social networking site, GreenSpace Savannah. Here’s a snip from the site:

GreenSpace Savannah was inspired by the stunning success of the social networking group GreenDrinks Savannah. Launched in November of 2007, this local branch of Green Drinks International had the largest per capita turnout for an initial event in the history of the organization. Green Savannahians are clearly hungry to connect with each other to make their beloved city a model for sustainability as we march forward through the 21st century.

After the first event, we immediately saw the need to keep the conversations and connections going between the monthly meetings—and GreenSpace Savannah was born. If you are an environmental activist, a green business, an investor interested in sustainable technologies, or a parent who wants their children to grow up with clean air, clean water, and safe food, this site is for you.

To register, click here. See you in GreenSpace!

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Transportation, land use, local farming and green building are all potential topics for Sustainable Savannah. The goal is to aggregate content about local events and projects, so there will be a central place to review everything that’s happening. The site is aimed at encouraging collaboration and information sharing between groups and individuals currently engaged in sustainability efforts. The site can also provide a snapshot of Savannah for green-minded people who are considering visiting or moving to the area.

One thought on “Social networking goes green (and local)

  1. Summer Teal Simpson

    Todd Luger, Director of GreenSpace Savannah, really has a great concept here. Social networking websites, like social networking groups, provide a useful forum for folks to share ideas and information. These forums generate self-organizing networks that have a larger impact on society than we may realize from first glance.

    I am fascinated by the theory of swarm behavior. Great article about it in National Geographic Magazine online. Essentially it explains how in the natural world, as well as in human systems, “even complex behavior may be coordinated by relatively simple interactions.” We are revolutionizing the way we interact and organize. Thanks to Todd for expanding on that!

    See you on GreenSpace…

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