Put your money where your home is this weekend

8199108.jpgIf you’re out running errands this weekend, think about where you’re spending money and how it impacts your community. A group of Savannah College of Art and Design historic preservation students have been contemplating that very idea and it’s led them to launch Savannah’s Shop Local Challenge this weekend. The challenge’s goal is “to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance” of local businesses to the “health and vitality” of the local community. The Shop Local Challenge has received coverage from the Savannah Morning News and WSAV-TV.

How exactly does supporting local businesses help the community? The challenge Web site features links to studies and sources for those interested in learning more. A press release issued by the students, who created the challenge, offers a pretty good summary:

“Supporting local businesses keeps all of your money in the community, bringing growth and prosperity to your neighbors and neighborhoods.  The effects can be seen all around, when an effort is made to make a positive change in the every day routine.”

Disclosure: I am a SCAD employee.

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