Monthly Archives: March 2011

Savannah Tree Foundation seeks volunteers for “Forestkeeper Saturday” on April 16

The Savannah Tree Foundation needs volunteers to help with invasive species removal and trail maintenance at its Bacon Forest walking trails. The event begins at 9 a.m. on April 16 and volunteers should come prepared:

“Volunteers should be sure to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and closed-toe shoes with socks to help protect from sun, bugs and plants, and may bring work gloves, bypass pruners and pruning shears if they have them. Refreshments, community service hours and tools will be provided.”

More information is available on the Savannah Tree Foundation website.

Do Dot Drive Day to be celebrated in Savannah March 17

As visitors flood into the city of Savannah in preparation for the annual Do Not Drive holiday (also known as St. Patrick’s Day) smart people have already planned how they’ll get to and around the National Historic Landmark District tomorrow. Taking Chatham Area Transit is one option. For many, riding a bike is a  pleasing way to get downtown for the parade and festivities as described by the Savannah Bicycle Campaign:

Throw your picnic in a backpack (or a trailer) and pedal to the route! Keep in mind, however, that barricades prevent your crossing the parade route pretty much everywhere, so it makes good sense to plan your route in advance.

Take a look at the Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s tips for a fun and bikeable St. Patrick’s Day.