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One year later: Savannah’s curbside recycling program

Picture 4To mark the one year anniversary of curbside recycling for residential customers in the City of Savannah, WTOC and WSAV aired approving segments on the program. It’s reached 50 percent participation, a level that surpassed expectations. Early in the program there was considerable grumbling about everything from missed pick ups, to the size of the containers to the color of the container lids. While curbside recycling (and recycling in general) still has critics, plenty of Savannah residents have found that the city’s system delivered on it’s promise. It’s made recycling easy.

WTOC’s story hinted that the next area of expansion would be to apartment complexes. A worthy goal for sure, but there’s tons more room for additional progress. From The New Home Economics blog today comes news of a “pay as you throw” garbage hauler in Minnesota that charges based on the weight of trash. That way, folks who generate more trash pay more to have it trucked to the landfill. Meanwhile, an incentive is provided to those who recycle, compost and consider packaging and other waste disposal impacts before making purchases. Charging by weight instead of flat fee also allows the use of  smaller trucks.