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In today’s paper: Carpooling, trash and the other downtown

A story in today’s Savannah Morning News reports the flame has gone out at the city’s controversial incinerator. Scott Larson’s story “City dumps garbage incinerator,” features an interesting quote from an elected official about refuse that would previously have been burned, but will now end up in the landfill:

Chatham County Commissioner Dean Kicklighter represented the residents, calling Southbridge “the downtown of West Savannah.” Birds, increased traffic and odor could hurt property values in the subdivision. He suggested the city contract with a private hauler who would take garbage to another site.

Seems to me that Kicklighter and residents of the other downtown should now have a vested interest in recycling.

In the Exchange section, Kayvon Gerami wrote “High gas prices force students and employees to find creative approaches to commuting,” which detailed carpooling incentives offered at Georgia Southern University:

423813351_ee49c0b3e7.jpgGSU is one of many schools that offers preferred-parking for “carpool commuters.” Students purchase carpool parking decals and are able to park in the first rows of the most convenient lots on campus. “This is an incentive for people to ride to classes together,” said Parking Services supervisor Joanie Greenlees. “It is preferred parking at a discount price: $70 a year for carpoolers but $128 for single commuters.”

GSU’s strategy is a sound one that ought be emulated by other employers. When the Metropolitan Planning Commission unveils its Coastal Commuters program later this year, incentives like premium parking and reduced parking rates for carpoolers will be useful in encouraging ride sharing.

Gerami also talked with Patrick McClaughlin of the bicycle cooperative, who reminded readers about the economic benefits of transportational cycling:

“A lot of people who come here to repair their bikes use their bikes to get to work,” said Patrick McLaughlin, president of Cog. “People tell me that they save $50-$100 a week biking to work or running errands.”

Photo credit: Richard Drdul via Flickr.

Savannah Tree Foundation-May Howard Tree Planting

The Savannah Tree Foundation presents a tree planing at May Howard Elementary School on Saturday, March 8, from 9 a.m. – noon. The school is located at 115 Wilmington Island Road.

STF is partnering with the May Howard PTA and the Georgia Forestry Commission to help parents, teachers and community volunteers plant 63 trees at three of May Howard’s school playgrounds.  Project partners include May Howard Faculty, Coastal Master Gardeners, SCAD Men’s Soccer Team, Cub Scout Pack #26, Georgia Southern Botanical Garden, Oatland Island Wildlife Center, Island Mothers Club and consulting arborist Jerry Holcomb.

Participants are asked to bring shovels, hard-tined (bow) rakes, and gloves if possible.  Refreshments will be provided.  Meet at 9 a.m. near the playground to the right of the school campus.  RSVP by sending e-mail here.

Savannah Tree Foundation-Windsor Forest Neighborhood Tree Planting

Help the Savannah Tree Foundation plant 60 trees on city-owned lots purchased with FEMA funds on March 1 from 9 a.m. until noon. The lots can’t be developed due to flooding problems, and the trees we plant will help absorb stormwater runoff and help repopulate the urban tree canopy!

The STF’s partners for this tree planting include Melaver, Inc., Georgia Power, and the City of Savannah’s Park and Tree, Real Property, and Street Maintenance Departments.

Please bring gloves, hard-tined rakes and shovels if possible. Refreshments and T-shirts will be provided, and community service hours are available. This is a rain or shine event.


Travel south on White Bluff Road to Windsor Road, turn right onto Windsor Road and travel 0.1 mile to Woodley Road. Turn right onto Woodley Road.
Meet at the intersection of Linwood Avenue and Woodley Road. Look for the signs.

Please RSVP if possible by calling  233-8733 or emailing

Project Green Meeting

Project Green meets at 8 p.m. on the second floor of the SCAD Student Center. On the agenda:

  • Recycling at SCAD
  • ‘Build a Better Birdhouse’ Design Competition
  • ‘Build a Better Birdhouse’ promotions charette
  • Field Trip possibilities
  • T-shirt contest
  • Poster contest
  • Movie suggestions for next meeting
  • Web site
  • Officer elections

For more information, e-mail