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Bike cooperative making progress, needs help with non-profit status

bikecooplogo.jpgAlthough the group’s Web site has not been updated recently, the Savannah Bike Co-op continues to meet every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Sentient Bean and every Saturday at 2 p.m. at the co-op space at 39th and East Broad streets. Group members also recently took a field trip to an Atlanta bike co-op and have published a list of tools and materials they will need.

SCAD students make up a sizeable portion of the group’s membership so the cooperartive will need a strong governing document and board of directors to guide the organization as members come and go. Toward that end, they are looking for an accountant, an attorney experienced in non-profit work or another qualified to professional to help them establish 501(c)(3) status. Of course, they are looking for some one who would undertake the work on a pro bono basis.

Check out the group’s mission statement:

The Savannah Bike Cooperative will seek to provide, to the general public of savannah, affordable bicycles and bicycle education through free bicycle maintenance training, free access to bicycle maintenance parts and tools, as well as local outreach in a effort to promote sustainability, community, and bicycle consciousness.

If you have the expertise and willingness to help secure 501(c)(3) status for such an endeavor (or know someone who does), please contact Patrick at savannahcoop [at] gmail [dot] com