Monthly Archives: September 2007

Alternative commuting campaign needs a name

CUTS Logo The Chatham Urban Transportation Study will soon launch a promotional program to encourage carpooling, transit use, and bicycle and pedestrian commuting among workers at two major Savannah employers. In the future it could be expanded to include additional employers. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion by promoting alternatives to single occupant vehicle commutes.

But first, the program needs a name.

Click on this link to take a short survey which asks for feedback on four proposed names. You can even make your own suggestions.

Project Green Meeting

Project Green invites all SCAD students to learn more about how sustainability applies to their majors at a meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. at the Student Center. The meeting will be held on the second floor. For more information, e-mail Brian at

Preserving Savannah Neighborhoods launches Web site

psnlogo-final.jpgPreserving Savannah Neighborhoods now has a home on the Internet at While the history page on the site is not populated, my understanding is that the group was originally organized to oppose the widening of DeRenne Avenue. Since that time, PSN members have broadened their efforts, bringing attention to the negative effects that road widening and construction projects have on neighborhoods across Savannah and Chatham County. Information posted on the new PSN site is congruent with broader sustainability efforts. The group supports expanded mass transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and advocates the implementation of Context Sensitive Design and traffic calming measures. Among the group’s beliefs:

Cities are meant for people, not for cars. Free parking is not free. Alternative ways of moving people must receive priority emphasis.


Context Sensitive Design principles must prevail in road building. That is: A road must fit into the existing landscape rather than sacrificing the landscape to the road.

The group is hosting a candidates forum on Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Cokesbury United Methodist Church and invites citizens to submit questions in advance by faxing them to 356-1808; mailing them to P.O. Box 14208, Savannah, GA 31416; or e-mailing them to For verification purposes, questions should be accompanied by name, address and phone number.