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Coastal Georgia Greenway meeting this Thursday

Have you ever wondered what’s going on with the Coastal Georgia Greenway? Sure, we all have. Now there’s a chance to find out.

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 21 from 1-3 p.m. at the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens Educational Annex, 2 Canebrake Road (off of US 17) in Savannah.

Here’s information from a press release:

Georgia will move faster in developing its coastal greenway thanks to an effective new regional consultant engaged by the East Coast Greenway Alliance. The Alliance, as you may know, leads the effort to develop a 3,000-mile off-road paved multi-use trail from Calais, Maine, to Key West. Nationally, more than 20 percent of the route is in place and designated.

Newly engaged as Southeast Region Program Consultant, Herb Hiller is a civic activist and writer. He helped initiate the Florida bicycling movement and the state bed-and-breakfast movement. His book, Highway A1A; Florida at the Edge, won the 2006 Book Grand Prize of the North American Travel Journalists Association. He is a regular contributor to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The fourth week of June this year, Herb and Jo Hickson will travel the Georgia coast to meet with people in a position to advance the Coastal Georgia Greenway that in time the Alliance will additionally designate as part of its overall route. They will be attending the Chatham meeting on June 21th from 1 to 3 p.m. to be held at the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens (follow the arrows to the Educational Annex), 2 Canebrake Road (off of US 17 at Canebrake Road), Savannah, GA, Ph. (912) 921-5460.

Jo Hickson, who has worked with communities in coastal Georgia to fund and support construction of the Coastal Georgia Greenway Trails, will introduce Herb and will facilitate discussion of the status of the trails in Chatham County. She will continue to work together with people in Chatham County to advance Georgia trails. Georgia has much to gain.

Here’s a copy of the agenda.

If you’d like more information, e-mail andrewwademd [at] gmail [dot] com.